In order to promote evaluation of vessel segmentation on ultra-wide field-of-view (UWFV) fluorescein angriogram (FA) frames, we make public 8 frames from two different sequences, the manually annotated images and the result of our automatic vessel segmentation algorithm.

The data contains 6 folders:

AMD14: 4 original frames from the AMD14 sequence.
AMD14-GT: Manual ground truth for the AMD14 sequence.
AMD14-results: Binary results obtained using our method.

GER7: 4 original frames from the GER7 sequence.
GER7-GT: Manual ground truth for the GER7 sequence.
GER7-results: Binary results obtained using our method.

download data

The software implementation runs on MATLAB (tested on MATLAB 2010a):

download code

Important note: You are free to use this data for research purposes, but you should not redistribute it without our consent. In addition, we expect you to include adequate citations and acknowledgments whenever you present or publish results that are based on it.


A. Perez-Rovira, K. Zutis, J.P. Hubschman, E. Trucco. Improving vessel segmentation in ultra-wide field-of-view retinal fluorescein angiograms. 33rd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC 11). [pdf]

A. Perez-Rovira, R. Cabido, E. Trucco, S. McKenna and J.P. Hubschman,RERBEE: Robust Elastic Registration via Bifurcations and Elongated Elements applied to retinal fluorescein angiogram sequences. Vol 31, Issue 1, Pp. 140-150. IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging. 2012. [pdf ]

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