Download of the free VAMPIRE tools from this page is subject to filling in and returning the VAMPIRE non-commercial licence

To develop VAMPIRE and acquire the ground truth to validate our algorithms, a set of annotation tools have beed developed. To run the compiled versions of the tools (included on the links above) you are required to install the MRC libraries from MATLAB. Here you can find the windows 32-bit version and the windows 64-bit version. These include:

A complete annotation tool to annotate Optic disc, Fovea, Junctions and Vessel Widths (see Manual and Video) can be obtained by filling in and returning the VAMPIRE non-commercial licence. Please notice that this package is an image annotation tool designed to facilitate manual measurements on fundus images. This is NOT the full VAMPIRE package. If you report use of the software you are downloading in publications, please do not refer to it as "VAMPIRE", but "VAMPIRE annotation tool".

Please contact us about the full VAMPIRE package.


You are free to use these tools for research purposes, but you should not redistribute it without our consent. In addition, we expect you to include adequate citations and acknowledgments whenever you present or publish results that are based on it.