Diabetes UK, Improved phenotyping of microvascular changes in Diabetic Retinopathy with Multi-level data. 2016-2019 £199,431

Innovate UK, Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Optos Plc, 2015-2016 £91,802

EPSRC research grant. Multi-modal retinal biomarkers for vascular dementia: developing enabling image analysis tools, 2014-2017 £1.13m

MRC CASE (with OPTOS plc), Multi-modal retinal scanning for diagnostic and therapeutic biomarker discovery in MS, 1 PhD studentship, with Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology and Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences, 2014-2017, £70,816

Medical Research Scotland and Toshiba, Stenosis detection and quantification in WBMRA data, 2014-2017, £245,000

EU Framework VII ITN REVAMMAD: Retinal Vascular Modelling, Analysis and Diagnosis, 2013-2016, £256,000 (project value 3.8M euros)

SINAPSE and OPTOS plc. Semi-automatic analysis of wide-field retinal and radiological images for biomarker discovery in cardiovascular disease. Joint grant with Clinical Radiology and VAMPIRE at the Universities of Edinburgh and Dundee; 1 PhD student per site, 2012-2015. £117,000

Leverhulme Trust project grant. Discovery of retinal biomakers for genetics with large, cross-linked data sets, 2012-2015, £221,543

TENOVUS (UK charity for health-related research). Retinal microvascular properties as biomarkers for sarcopenia: a pilot study. PI: Dr Deepa Sumukadas, Health and Ageing, Ninewells. 2011, £10,000

TENOVUS (UK charity for health-related research). Developing the use of automated digital image analysis techniques to derive retinal imaging biomarkers of vascular complications of Type 2 Diabetes to enhance established large scale population genetic studies. PI: Dr Alex Doney. Genetics and Diabetics, Ninewells. 2010, £10,000

EPSRC DTA PhD studentship (Kris Zutis) with contribution from OPTOS plc. 2010-2014, £61,756

EPSRC EP/H052046/1 Determination of corneal biomechanical properties in vivo. Healthcare Partnerships programme. With UCL Ophthalmology, Ultravision CLPL, international Glaucoma Association, Ninewells Ophthalmology, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. £473,230 FEC, 2010-2013. CI (PI: Prof Ahmed Elsheikh, Engineering, Liverpool). £18,233 to Dundee (£14,392 directly allocated).

OPTOS plc and Northern Research Partnership, PhD studentship (Adrià Perez Rovira), 2007- 2010, £42,000

DTI Knowledge Transfer Partnership with OPTOS plc. Summarisation and analysis of retinal angiographic sequences, 2005-2007, £137,698

EPSRC I-CASE Studentship with Optos plc. Tracking and stereo for close-range sequences of the human eye. 2004-2006.

DTI Knowledge Transfer Partnership with OPTOS plc. Retinal image processing, 2003-2004, £100,184.

OPTOS plc, PhD grant, eye tracking for ophthalmology instruments, 2002-2003, £40,000